Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall Snippets

I can't stop Falling...!!!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Falling for Fall

At last, our heat wave ended and we are now enjoying much cooler temps!!  Some leaves are changing and falling and the slant of the sun has changed too.  Love it.....feels soooooo good!!

Brought out more Fall d├ęcor and loving the look.......

Just bought this bunny plate at Pier I......what a cutie!!

A favorite piece of Guy Wolff pottery.......

Happy Fall!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017


As each changing season approaches, I say to myself......'why not decorate in neutrals as so many in blogland are doing'???  Then I look to Nature and see that there are not many neutrals out there!!!  I see greens, oranges, reds, faded rose and purple, brown and beiges.  So, self says to me.......'just not your style'......

Autumn is my fav season and I am embracing all that it offers!!  Here is my cherry hutch in the living room, my starting off point for this glorious time of year!!

  I cleaned the drapes and lace curtains, too bright without the drapes!!!

So here we are with it all put back to normal......

 I love these tiny pears.....the cups are ironstone Baptimal cups, English, 1800s.
 Seed balls and yellow ware mold in rice bowl.
Small  nappy holding antique velvet chick.........

 Chestnuts are so much a part of my Italian heritage.......I remember being so excited when we first had them in the Fall, roasted or boiled!!

 Yellow ware egg separator with dried pomegranate.......

 These are small custard cups and pudding bowls, collected over time......

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hooray, Fall is upon us!!!  At last, my very fav season!!!

I've been busy searching my stash of Fall pretties, but in the meantime here are some snippets of past glories........

Happy Fall.......!!!!!