Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall in the kitchen

While cooking up a storm yesterday, I managed to Fallify the prim end of my kitchen.  The room is long and narrow, only 10 feet wide and the one end has two doorways, on the right to the hall, on the left to the dining room.  But it works well for me!!!

You can see the little hallway on the right, it leads to the foyer straight ahead and to the garage door and powder room to the back.

These are old cheese boxes from the past.  The yellow ware bowls are a set of 3 nesting.  The stuffed cat is theorem painted on velvet, I did years ago.

The yellow ware food mold has a Rockingham glaze on it.  The swirl mold is the smallest in my collection and the little bowl with a slot in it is an egg separator from England.

The four spice jars are Spode.

Hope you enjoyed that tour.....will get the other end of the kitchen soon.....happy Fall!!!

I'll be joining Seasonal Sundays and
a Stroll Through Life on Tuesday.

Roasted Veggies

While visiting many, many, many blogs this week and enjoying every, some talented and fun people out there.......anywho, one blogger had a recipe for roasted potatoes with BACON!!!  Now, I roast potatoes and other veggies all the time, never thought to add, tonight I made this tasty dish with the bacon.....oh, yummy to the nth degree!!!

Now, I'm not much on recipes to be exact, so this is what I did...

3 potatoes, leave skins on and cut into narrow pieces
2 carrots, cut up
some Brussel sprouts,(after cleaning them, I cut a slit in the bottom about 1/4 up the sprout, then par boil them for just a bit, then drain)
5 slices of bacon cut up
Put everything in a bowl, add olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic salt, dried parsley, paprika, and some grated parm cheese, mix well and spread on cookie sheet, place in oven at 425 for about 40 min......turning once or twice.  Now you can increase or decrease these amounts, this is what I had on hand.  You can also add whatever dried herbs you like, such as oregano, rosemary, etc.

 Can't believe I actually showed you the inside of my oven!!!  None the less, this dish was yummy with the addition of the bacon......I shaved more cheese over the top.  Served this with a pork roast and homemade apple sauce......Fall has arrived!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcoming Fall

My foyer is welcoming Fall with bright sunshine this morning.....this area always makes me smile and is one of my favorite spots in my home!!!

These pics were taken at night with the light on.....

I am just loving this season!!!!  And I spent NO MONEY......just shopped my basement!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delicious Autumn

It's here, at last, wonderful and delicious Autumn!!!  Goodbye to nasty summer and the never ending heat!!!  At least now if it is warm during the day, ah, the nights are sooooo cool!!!  Went for a walk late last night, and it was nippy, the damp was so heavy, the dew was dripping off my car and the mailbox......the grass just sparkled in the moonlight, what a delight to see!!!  I slept like a baby curled up in an old quilt with my cat!!!

Finally finished my vignette on the buffet......I know you will think me silly to make such a crowded and packed display......but its been years since all the yellow ware has been out and I miss it!!!  My home is so small and there is no mantle, so display space is at a premium here.  Hope you enjoy my collection, the only thing lacking is the Holy Grail of yellow ware.....the rolling pin!!!  Maybe when I win the

The small pitcher is actually Majiloca, the fancy end of yellow ware......

These small bowls are for pudding.....

The flat bottomed bowls with flared sides are called nappies and were used for baking and mixing.  The two corn molds were used for molding food such as puddings.

Some molds and bowls have a white interior.

The small cups are custard cups......I have a dozen of those and of the pudding bowls, they look nice stacked in a hutch......

This is a rice bowl, I think they would mold the rice in here and invert for serving.

And look who's here again!!!!

Some chestnuts for Fall....

Hope you are not in tears by now......such a long post!!!  Thanks for letting me share this with you...more to come soon.......happy Fall!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I'm starting to Fall, not a lot, just a little's a peek.....

Yellow ware is my most favorite collection and because it is more prim/country, which I love, its hard to make it fit in my dining room.  I love it in the kitchen, but that room is so small, can't hold a lot except above the cupboards which are packed full!!!  So most of it is packed away in cupboards, but now I am forcing it to fit so I can enjoy it for Fall!!!  Hope you do too!!!  More to come........