Friday, February 22, 2013


I had to show you these right away cause I am soooooooooo excited over them!!!!  Don't ya love it when you order something on line and boom.....its on your front porch???

I rarely order anything from PB, their prices are so outrageous......but, this week they had free shipping and I fell in love with these cuties!!!!  So glad I got them........they are too adorable for words!!!  The first 2 pics show them kinda yellowish so I raised the blinds to get more light on them......they are a buff color with yellow feet, made out of bottle brush..........gonna make a vignette with them, ya hafta wait for that to week!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A touch of Spring.....

Happy Saturday fellow bloggers!!!  We had a bit of sunshine today so I was able to snap a few pics.........

Winter is far from over in our neck of the woods in the Northeast......and I do love it so!!!  However, I've found myself craving something soft, fresh and pretty to look at!!!  So........the buffet is always my starting point...........gone are the bright and dark of the holidays, all those pine cones, snowmen and greens...........some pastels have arrived!!!  This work is not done, just putting stuff down and thinking about it...........

and did you spot my new foil rabbit????  

 Isn't he majestic?????  The new shiny tinsel grass I ordered online---------so there goes my vow to NOT buy anything else EVER.............this gal cannot resist the sparkle and shine!!!!

Also bought a box of foil that TJMaxx!!!

Other end of the buffet......a work in progress, just putzing around!!!

Now, I had plans to sew this bunny, but for $9.99, why bother???  I hate buying things from China, but how can one compete with those prices..........I don't know..........

Have I shared with you the nests I have been felting???  They are so fun, as long as you don't poke your fingers!!!

I've also been making little Easter/Spring boxes......cute???

That's it for now, my friends, wishing you a lovely weekend!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day filled with love!!!  I'm not big on decorating for this day since the kids are gone, but do have a few hearts hanging around........and I baked cookies, which my sister and I gobbled right up!!!!  Spent a few days at her house and we were almost snowed in!!!!  But it passed and now I am home and enjoying the rest of winter..........

Marble heart paperweight I've had for years!!!

Made this heart sachet years ago and it still smells so good with the lavender from my garden.....

I just recently made this heart, love all the glitter on it!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ice cream

Did you know that today was...."NATIONAL EAT ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST DAY" ????  Well, neither did I and what a disappointment!!!  So here is a pic of what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning............can't fool me, I can have it any time I want !!!!!

This is the best chocolate ever!!!!!


The month of January found me nesting and purging!!!  The basement occupied my time for weeks, and what a relief to get rid of so much stuff.......still a long way to go!!!  And a relief to get everything organized and clean up the work area and laundry area.  No way does it look anything like what I have seen displayed on your lovely blogs.........mine remains a storage and work cellar, nothing fancy or even pretty........but being the brave person I am, I will show a few pictures because I am being 'real'.......

This is the fancy smantsy laundry area with my homemade soap in a plastic storage tub, not in a fancy jar like some of you have..........wonderful tub and sump punp also!!!  Found some leftover vinyl to lay on the floor, still getting the wrinkles out!!!

This is the floral aisle, I am standing in front of the dryer looking to the rear of the basement...........I know you are all gasping for air now.........floral design was my business for a long time and it is still my favorite and just can't part with much of this, although I did get rid of boxes of the stuff.....I know its hard to believe!!!  But at least its nicely organized.........

There is actually a roll top desk against the wall holding a ton of flowers!!!  Lotsa childhood furniture in the corner, haven't gotten to that part yet.........

Left side of aisle holds all Fall and Christmas, boxes of ribbons and wreaths.

My work station.........and this is all cleaned up!!!

This side of basement is all storage for containers, supplies, and all seasonal stuff........each season is on a seperate unit.  Behind the white unit is the furnace, water heater, shelves with all the canning supplies and some small appliances and leftovers from my children who say someday they will come and get this stuff, so don't throw it out mom!!!!

There it is folks.............just keepin it real for ya.......I even have room now for a table to fold laundry on.......I have to finish vacuming process and laying down more vinyl floor pieces I found, but now it is workable for me and a relief to be organized!!!

We moved in here maybe 12 or 13 years ago and some things I've never seen again, figured they got left on the moving truck or thrown out accidently or, while moving boxes of books I unearthed a box with, wait for crystal glasses!!!  I never thought I'd ever see them again!!!!  I was so happy!!!  And so glad because I can never afford to buy new again............they are all washed and in my china cabinet now and will be using them soon for a tablescape!!!!  Gosh, I love winter!!!