Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning

My Easter was wonderful and hope that yours was too!!  I spent a whole week cleaning the 1st floor and re doing the main bath......lotsa work but feels good to have it done!!  Just waiting for warmer weather to wash all the windows down there.......I have no Easter pics to show you, was so busy cooking and getting it all on the table while its still hot!!!  Do you have trouble with that too???

Anywho,  now to start on the 2nd floor.  There are 3 bedrooms up here, the large master is my sewing studio, a small back room is my bedroom, and the other small bedroom is a guest/storage room.  And that little bedroom has become quite a mess!!!

No one has slept in there for more than 12 years!!!  So I decided to make my house more useable for me and my life style.  I am a crafter/artisan, have an Etsy shop and website........the product has to be stored somewhere!!!  This is a small patio home, not a lot of space!!

Today, I started taking that room apart.........too ashamed to take the real before pics, so these are the work in progress........

As you walk into the room this is the sight to the left......

Took the bed apart and my nephew will take it to the basement for me and the bedding out to the garage to be that little bed, was my son's.

That's his bookcase , rocking chair and teddy....I can't seem to part with these things so they will stay for now!!

This is straight in from the doorway....

His dresser.........and my stuff!!

View out the double window, things are just starting to get green out there......

My studio where everything got deposited......whew!!!  Can't believe I'm actually showing you these pictures!!!

The sorting process has begun and I hope to get through it over the weekend.  I ordered 2 tall plastic shelf units in a gray color to hold it all.  Then will tackle the closet in that room.  I set up a table in the center to sort things on and washed the windows today, ironed fresh curtains and hung them up.

I'm pretty pooped out so will close for now........check back for more progress!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some Spring....

Finally got some Spring decorating done!!!  Seasonal changes always start in the dining room with that big buffet....follow along with me......few words, lotsa pics.......

My new lambie pie from Whimsical Woolies on cute!!!

There, we finished up in the front hall........still working on the kitchen........have a happy Spring weekend everyone!!!  The sun is out finally here and I have 4, yes, 4 crocus blooming........where are all the rest????

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Finally, we have some sun and a little bit warmer temps.........not enough to bring anything into bloom, but I'll enjoy it while I can!!!  My blog has been neglected, the winter has been long and cold, and mostly I can't think of anything to say or do that would interest anyone.  But, I seemed to perk up a bit these past few days and managed to get out some Spring/Easter decorations.

My creative spirit has taken a dive since Christmas and don't know when my muse will wake up.  Projects sit undone or not even started and I'm not even interested right now!!!  I know its another major depression, and I feel anxious anticipating the intense heat of another nasty summer.  Laugh as you will, summer is not for me!!!  I would like some sweet, tender, warm days of Spring though!!!

The chick is back!!!

Hope you are finding some joy in the warmer days ahead.............

Bathroom Diva

Wow, been a long time since I last posted!!!  Been a strange winter, its never ending!!  Just found these pics I took a couple months ago........I think it was Sheila from Note Songs who was doing a feature of ladies taking self portraits in the are mine.....such a pale face, will we ever see the sun???

I felt so very goofy taking these funny!!

Also wanted to share something I love........its called Amazing Grace body products from, they are not paying me for this, though it would be nice!!!

It is a very fresh and pleasing scent, however way too faint and doesn't last long........however, I discovered the 'body butter' and the 'body oil mist'.  When you layer these products, they do the trick and last all day, makes me feel good to smell so nice!!!

The body wash is so nice too........and I saved some coins by purchasing on Amazon.....with free shipping!!!  Happy Spring!!!