Friday, October 26, 2012

Moses basket

I've been getting ready for my craft sale here in the next 2 are a few snaps of the doll basket and carriage I have made the bedding for.  That's why I've been MIA lately!!!!

My hands have been very busy...........

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn Splendor

While at TJM last week, this amazing sparkley pumpkin jumped into by basket!!!  What was this shopper to do???  Well, she brought him home and made a nest for him with grape vine, excelsior, and berry branches!!!  Such splendor in the Autumn...

And once again, my paisley shawl makes an appearance......time to set the table for the abundance of the harvest.......

Please visit the parties on my sidebar and join in the fun of celebrating Fall.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Pillows

My Ballard catalog came last week and .......FINALLY.....pillows that are not black or white!!!  These are inky blue and ordered them immediately!!!  They arrived really quickly and are luscious because of the down insert.  I also ordered the fabric to recover a seat cushion.....very nice and very navy blue......then, while on a roll....I sewed up a cushion for the center of the grouping using a purple/blue fig print that another blogger generously provided on her blog and put it on red ticking do you like this???

The ribbon around the fig picture is varigated in purple/blue/red/mauve.........the smaller blue pillows may not stay as I look for something else......these colors are not right, have such a hard time taking pics.....the sofa is a cherry red no orange overtones.    So, do ya like???

Sunday, October 14, 2012

More yellow ware

I promise this to be the last post on my favorite collection.....yellow ware!!!  My best pieces are housed way on top of my kitchen cabinets....because they are too large to go anywhere else AND, they are protected up there!!!
The large bowl in the corner is an Irish Potatoe Bowl in stick spatter, spongeware......made in Scotland and traded to the Irish neighbors for wonderful wool....hence the name!!!  The butter crock has what is called an 'asparagus' pattern on it.......the 3 bowls are wonderful examples of the different colors of yellow clay from different regions and factories, all 3 with white slip bands.  The oldest bowl is in the center.
The pitcher in front has a molded design and painted with a sponge......the pitcher in back, which you can't see because of my wonderful photography, has a Rockingham sponge design.  You can see part of two large bowls also with the sponge design.

This is a McCoy pitcher with molded design, part of the Arts and Crafts movement, it has a matching pitcher with a purple iris on it, which I DO NOT HAVE.......

Ah.....there are the two bowls!!!

Bowl with the Kings Rose pattern and another Villeroy bowl with the Virginia pattern......and in front is my very special spice jar, very old and very scarce, a real treasure for me!!!

The two bowls on the left have slip bands in two colors and feature a rolled lip.  The next bowl and picther has what is called "chicken wire" sponging in three colors...rare and exciting to find in perfect condition!!!
The bowl in this corner is so difficult to see and I am sorry for is so dark because of the glaze on it, the clay has a leaf pattern molded on it and the glaze is called 'flint enamel'.  Powdered oxides were sprinkled on wet glaze then fired and the oxides would fuse and bleed onto the glaze and form a flowing pattern.  This bowl has a lot of blue in the glaze.  The first pitcher has the chicken wire sponging and the second one is Rockingham sponged.

This pitcher and colander are reproduction pieces offered by Country Living magazine many, many years ago, and are in 'mocha' pattern, the closest I'll ever get to owning real mochaware!!!  The storage crock is a favorite find and has the matching lid and in great shape.

There are more pieces lurking around here on shelves, cubbies and any place with a flat surface!!! I hope you found this interesting and enjoyed my favorite collection......

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bird Pillow for the Cottage

Just listed this sweet pillow on my website.....come take a peek!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Falling kitchen

Today I finally got some shots of the business end of my kitchen, its a small room and I had to make good use of every inch!!!  It is also my favorite room in the house because I love to cook and bake.....and it houses my favorite things!!!

These two pics were taken while standing in the doorway to the dining room.  The kitchen is not large enough for table and chairs so all meals are taken in the  dining room.

There it is, just turn around once and you're done!!!  The cut away looks into the dining room and from the sink area can see out the dining room windows to the back yard.

Standing in dining room looking into kitchen......even included the trash bin!!

That back counter is where all the baking takes place, the lazy susan on the right houses all the baking supplies, and my mixer is always handy on the counter.  Top drawer has all spices and herbs lying down in rows.  Now what's that on the window ledge???

Look what I found in the basement in a box of old toys belonging to my son...cute!!!

This is my pantry box and holds all the cookie cutters, cookie presses and stamps.  Did I tell you I collect bunnies???

Now here is another great thing.....I can see the TV from the kitchen!!!  Something to be said for tiny houses!!!

Thanks for stopping by to view my favorite room!!!