Sunday, June 22, 2008

sewing/craft studio

This is my sewing and craft studio, yes, there is a lot of stuff.....but it is organized and I rarely misplace anything!!! I find it stimulating to have mostly everything in view, and readily available. The studio is arranged in "work stations".....the supplies needed for each task are located in that fumbling around for stuff!!! It is also my business center with computer, copier, files, taxes, receipts...yuk......and of course, Phone, cable TV, radio/CD creative haven......I hope you enjoy this tour and that I have sparked some ideas and encouragement for you to design your own special place!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Roses

For sale in my etsy shop...... visit!!!!


Wow, this first week of June started with incredibly hot weather!!!! In one day we switched from having the furnace on to having the AC on....unreal!!!! But now that first heat wave has passed, we got some much needed rain and today is sunny and a bit cooler.....The summer heat is not for me.......

My gardens are looking perky now with lots of perennials starting to bloom. The lavender bushes are ready to open, and I look forward to that event.....I collect the buds and dry them to use in my potpourri blends. The lupines are almost done now and I will let them go to seed for next year, they are so stately. My nephew is coming to help me trim some tree branches, they are brushing up against the house and need to be taken down.

My creative side is taking a rest right now, my muse ran away looking for greener pastures!!! That's okay, time to concentrate on other things for awhile. Come visit my etsy shop, lots of pretty things to brighten up your cottage home....looking for red, white and blue???? I've got it....come see!!! Also some cool summer jewelry that looks great on bare skin......

Hope you are enjoying nice weather in your part of the world, thanks for stopping by and God bless you on this day!!!!