Saturday, October 5, 2013

Snippets of Fall

In no particular order, snaps of Fall around the house.......

Fall in the foyer.........


Is this the cutest little hedge hog???  Found him at JoAnn's.......

My favorite corner of the living room, as you can see, I love plaids and checks!!!  Love those electric cords........just keeping it real!!!  The bottom picnic basket belonged to my parents, they bought it when the first immigrated and would walk to the park on Sundays for a picnic, how sweet was that!!!

I think using these colors are so soothing together, and I like some calm right about now!!!  The roofing and siding guys are still working here and the pounding and lack of privacy has gotten to me, so glad it is the weekend and it is quiet!!!  I know, I know, stop complaining, they are doing a great job!!!

Top of the china cabinet, love some sparkle!!!    Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by....

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ah,.....there you are.....Autumn.....I've been waiting for you, please do come in!!!

I've seen you in the early morning mist and late at night with dew drops on the grass, I know that will soon turn into frost.....Welcome!!!

Your cool, crisp air freshens my skin. renews my spirit, and clears my mind.  The oppressive heat is mostly gone now along with the brashy yellow sun, replaced by your golden are so welcomed, my friend!!!  Put on your paisley shawl and let me dance in your branches!!!

I am surrounded by smells of burning leaves and wood, the scent of pumpkin pies, apples cider and bubbling stews bring a sense of home, warmth and safety to me.......Welcome.....

I revel in your bright oranges, reds and golds, your browns nourish my soul....while purple shadows draw me into your majesty.  Glorious ripe berries sparkle in the dew and are soon eaten by birds before fleeing to the South.  I long for the sound of crunching leaves and the honking of flying geese......

I love the wisps of smoke drifting from chimneys in the encroaching dusk.

Warm glow of lights through windows closed against the evening chill.

Soft and worn quilts folded at the foot of the bed, ready to warm during the night if needed.


Ah, there you are, Autumn...........I've been waiting for you!!!

hope to join.....common

Feathered Nest

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My first love in china/ceramics/ironstone, has always been blue and white, with Flow Blue at the very tippy top!!!  In second place is red or brown transferware...........

Recently, while visiting Jacqueline at Cabin and Cottage, love her blogs and her photos are have to visit her and I would do a link if I could figure it out!!!  Anywho, she showed a cup/saucer in the Quail pattern by Furnivals.  and I remembered how much I always loved that pattern, but have never really seen any of those pieces any where.   Time passes, Life happens.........

Visited my local antique mall on Thursday and I saw it, right there in the center of a table-----Quail pattern, coffee pot-----------it immediately seduced me and whispered my name..........I moved quickly before it vanished and it became mine!!!!  and it was 15% off, I mean, was that meant to be or what????  Oh, the thrill of it all!!!

Then, as I became filled with lust, I perused the net and found the matching cream and sugar at a steal with free shipping on top of it all!!!  They arrived today, Monday, how fast was that???

So sweet and utterly charming........more of a burnt sienna than a dark brown.........I am in love with this delicate design......oh, happy Autumn!!!!