Thursday, August 23, 2012

tiny treasures

This is a collection of tiny cuties I keep in this sweet cabinet in my powder room...I'll give you a tour....

I bought this little cabinet from a bath and bed shop before they went out of business...years ago....its a medicine cabinet and can be hung on the wall..........oh no, there is my sorry!!!

Top shelf has a jade snuff bottle, pill box, tiny geodes, china doll set and my Girl Scout pins.....yes, I was even a senior scout and camp long ago!!!

Center shelf has a mini coin set of my birth year.....never mind.........another pill box, a muscle man from my son's collection that I found one day while cleaning out the hall closet, made me smile so I had to save it!!!  The two tie tacs are my Dad's union pins, one for 30 years and one for 40 years........two more snuff bottles, perfume bottle and my sorority pin from about hanging on to things!!!

The bottom shelf has perfume bottles, another pill box and my son's Word of Life pin....

Close up of this sweet perfume bottle........I bought it so long ago at a flea market, because Eastman Kodak has its origins here, however, I don't think this is the same Eastman!!!  No matter, its a memory!!! 

Thanks for stopping by.......

Friday, August 17, 2012


Hello my have not heard from me in quite awhile now....this horrible summer of intense heat sucked the life right out of me!!!  Its been almost 3 months now that I am virtually a prisoner in my home with the AC full blast!!!  And praise God I have that comfort!!!

I have been fighting this Type II diabetes all year to avoid taking insuline but alas, I think I have failed.....we'll see next week..........then I was diagnosed with Lupus, which I don't think I have, but all the tests have proved positive.....and what do they know???  I can't do a thing without breaking into a major sweat, most days I am drenched and am busy taking numerous showers and changing clothes........I have had it......and earlier this week I just lost it, came home from shopping completely drenched, took more than an hour to cool down with cold cloths etc.......had a panic attack and broke out in hives on my chest and tummy, now that was a sight!!!  Enough of summer for me......go away!!!   I have accomplished nothing outside of the 2 garage sales I held......I lie around like a wilted lily with no interest in anything.......keeping my legs elevated to alleviate the swelling in my feet, ankles and wait, I no longer have ankles......

Enough, thanks for listening, hope to feel better I the only one to be affected like this???

Managed to take a few pics of my cherry hutch today with the last of the summer decor in it, and I didn't even dust it, been like this all summer!!!

Then I made the first move to early Autumn in the foyer by changing out the floral on the wall.....

Hope you are all well, I have enjoyed visiting all your wonderful blogs and sometimes leaving comments, no need to answer me back, I just like to visit........and I am jealous that you all seem to have so much energy and I am always such a wet noodle.............come on Fall!!!!