Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bed making

Since we are having Arctic weather here, I decided to get the electric blanket on my bed.  And there is Annie helping me to make the bed!!!  She did a good job helping me to straighten things out..........not!!!

She let me get the coverlet on and seems to like it!!

I can't seem to get enough of her!!!  And she definitely likes the warm blanket at night!!!  So do I !!!!

I am also dragging my feet to put away the Christmas stuff........I like to leave all the greenery out and some colorful things while we are in the depths of winter here in the northeast.......

Trying to get my life in order and redirecting my paths in the new year.  Doing a massive clean out and trying to move on after a terrible 2014.  I constantly pray for some energy and to lift my spirits. Getting rid of what's not working for me in the past.  And hope to return to blogging and pick up being creative.

Hope your new year is going well so far........I'll be back soon........xoxoxo