Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Case Display

It was sooooooo much fun putting this case together!!!  I almost couldn't stop, there were so many things I found to include!!!  Didn't spend a dime, had all the elements right here.........wicker suitcase held doll clothes in the basement, printables from the Graphics Fairy, garden books in the bookcase, tons of trinkets from my craft whadda ya think????

I wired this graphic to the lid of the case, and this one is so perfect because it is a Rochester based firm no longer in existence........part of our local history!!

My new dollar store garden gloves worked perfectly in 5 pair, I go through them so fast.....
A little pad and pencils for garden notes and reminders.......key to the garden gate and some saved seeds......

More seeds to be planted along with bulbs and a little reminder of Fall.....peat pots and new pine cones from my white pine that produces in the Spring......

Now that was such fun!!!  It'll be quite awhile before I can actually get out  in the garden to work, its still cold, rainy, and muddy, only some daffodils blooming and no leaves on the trees or bushes!!!  Maybe next week..........thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garden Case

Debra has inspired me to create a seed box.......but it has turned into a Garden Case!!!  Found this wicker suitcase in the basement filled with old doll clothes from my daughter..........that stuff is ready for the Good Will!!!   Then I continued to shop the basement and my studio........well, came up with a lot of stuff to incorporate into this new project!!!

Some elements.......

This will keep me busy for a few days, seeing as winter has returned and it is nasty!!!

Last week I spent a lot of time cleaning and doing some re-organizing in my studio, it was getting too crowded to work in there!!!  I removed 2 tables and brought in 2 bookcases, which work very well, and I am ordering a Martha Stewart sewing/craft table as soon as it goes on sale!!!  It has two drawers in it and will hold a lot of the supplies that are in baskets and cluttered.  Although, I work well with clutter!!!

See these cute tins???  Got them on clearance at the drug store after Christmas......$4.99 for the three, score!!  Now holding trims.   The bunny watercolor is from a gal on Etsy, will have to look for her name, she does really sweet paintings.....

Just keeping it real folks....this is as pretty as it gets!!!  This studio is a real workroom for all seasons!!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope someone out there is having a real Spring!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dinner Tables

We enjoyed Easter Day dinner at my sister's home......she set a lovely table and cooked a marvelous meal.....what a great time we had!!!

I love her new table cloth and runner we found at Home Goods, just right for Spring!!!

On Wednesday we had dinner at my home, not as fancy but yummy good and fun too!!!  I went with yellow and green with a touch of pink for Spring, seeing as it was still snowing outside we needed that happy color!!!

They are calling for warmer weather for the weekend, we shall see!!!  Hope things are looking Springy by you!!!