Monday, May 6, 2013

New Table

Here it is, in all its glory........the new craft/sewing table!!!  It's higher than the other table I had so had to put a cushion on my chair to raise me up.......please excuse the untidiness, it is a work room!!!

The one drawer holds my art supplies, the other my sewing implements and machine parts and manuals.

I love to recycle, this is a heavy paper tray from the produce department and is perfect to hold tabletop supplies.

This is a Martha Stewart table from Home Decorator's collection, no I'm not getting paid for this, just thought you'd like to know about it.   It is very strong and sturdy, hard to put together by yourself and very reasonably priced I thought.

Comes in green, white or gray.......thanks for stopping by!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring project

A few weeks ago I ordered a craft table from Home Decorator's, it arrived last week and I began to assemble it.  I did it in the garage to keep the mess down is the basic frame put together.  The drawers were really hard to do and the slides too!!!

My sweet nephew had to come over and help carry it upstairs to my studio......the top was so heavy and it took the two of us to put it on the base and then the two of us to finish up the assembly.....what  a job this turned out to be!!!  But I am so glad I have it now, it is heavy and sturdy.  For years now I've been sewing on a folding table that was wobbley and had no drawers.......tomorrow I'll get some pics of the finished product.........

On a warmer note.......Spring has arrived!!!  My pear tree is in full bloom, and the white violets have left the flower beds and have taken over the side yard.........they are like little fairies dancing in the breeze!!!

 Silly violets!!!!  Ignore that flower bed, that's work for another day!!!

Hope Spring has arrived by you and you are enjoying yourself........