Monday, October 15, 2012

New Pillows

My Ballard catalog came last week and .......FINALLY.....pillows that are not black or white!!!  These are inky blue and ordered them immediately!!!  They arrived really quickly and are luscious because of the down insert.  I also ordered the fabric to recover a seat cushion.....very nice and very navy blue......then, while on a roll....I sewed up a cushion for the center of the grouping using a purple/blue fig print that another blogger generously provided on her blog and put it on red ticking do you like this???

The ribbon around the fig picture is varigated in purple/blue/red/mauve.........the smaller blue pillows may not stay as I look for something else......these colors are not right, have such a hard time taking pics.....the sofa is a cherry red no orange overtones.    So, do ya like???


Gina said...

I love it, Cleo! I think the pillows are beautiful!

Linda Primmer said...

Lovely pillows Cleo, especially the striped one.