Thursday, October 3, 2013


Ah,.....there you are.....Autumn.....I've been waiting for you, please do come in!!!

I've seen you in the early morning mist and late at night with dew drops on the grass, I know that will soon turn into frost.....Welcome!!!

Your cool, crisp air freshens my skin. renews my spirit, and clears my mind.  The oppressive heat is mostly gone now along with the brashy yellow sun, replaced by your golden are so welcomed, my friend!!!  Put on your paisley shawl and let me dance in your branches!!!

I am surrounded by smells of burning leaves and wood, the scent of pumpkin pies, apples cider and bubbling stews bring a sense of home, warmth and safety to me.......Welcome.....

I revel in your bright oranges, reds and golds, your browns nourish my soul....while purple shadows draw me into your majesty.  Glorious ripe berries sparkle in the dew and are soon eaten by birds before fleeing to the South.  I long for the sound of crunching leaves and the honking of flying geese......

I love the wisps of smoke drifting from chimneys in the encroaching dusk.

Warm glow of lights through windows closed against the evening chill.

Soft and worn quilts folded at the foot of the bed, ready to warm during the night if needed.


Ah, there you are, Autumn...........I've been waiting for you!!!

hope to join.....common

Feathered Nest

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Kathy Moreland said...

Love your post! So pretty!