Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Finally, we have some sun and a little bit warmer temps.........not enough to bring anything into bloom, but I'll enjoy it while I can!!!  My blog has been neglected, the winter has been long and cold, and mostly I can't think of anything to say or do that would interest anyone.  But, I seemed to perk up a bit these past few days and managed to get out some Spring/Easter decorations.

My creative spirit has taken a dive since Christmas and don't know when my muse will wake up.  Projects sit undone or not even started and I'm not even interested right now!!!  I know its another major depression, and I feel anxious anticipating the intense heat of another nasty summer.  Laugh as you will, summer is not for me!!!  I would like some sweet, tender, warm days of Spring though!!!

The chick is back!!!

Hope you are finding some joy in the warmer days ahead.............


Shelia said...

Oh, Spring looks so pretty at your house! Now I have that same little bunny with the pink boa around it's neck. I have just seen your bathroom snaps and I'll get a post up after I get back from from my trip to NY - we're going to see our grands and spend Easter with them. I wish you an early Blessed Easter.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your decorations are so cheery! Maybe just the ticket. I also noticed the Furnivals coffee pot you have there. I'm a little in love with that pattern and have just a few pieces. Just posted my new quail plates. I hope spring lasts a long time for you!

Dianne said...

I just love the bowl of alabaster eggs. Your little chick really captures the season! Dianne

Marigene said...

I ♥ your bowl of colorful eggs...but not quite as much as that gorgeous brown transferware!
Have a wonderful week.