Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bathroom Diva

Wow, been a long time since I last posted!!!  Been a strange winter, its never ending!!  Just found these pics I took a couple months ago........I think it was Sheila from Note Songs who was doing a feature of ladies taking self portraits in the are mine.....such a pale face, will we ever see the sun???

I felt so very goofy taking these funny!!

Also wanted to share something I love........its called Amazing Grace body products from, they are not paying me for this, though it would be nice!!!

It is a very fresh and pleasing scent, however way too faint and doesn't last long........however, I discovered the 'body butter' and the 'body oil mist'.  When you layer these products, they do the trick and last all day, makes me feel good to smell so nice!!!

The body wash is so nice too........and I saved some coins by purchasing on Amazon.....with free shipping!!!  Happy Spring!!!

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